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Terms of Service

Terms of Sevice

Trial Period

The trial Period begins when the instrument and accessories described are deliverd to your child's music instructor. It ends 120 days after the start date. THje fee for the trial period, any charge for a music book, and the advance charge for our service and maintenace coverage during the Trial Period all are shown on the front and must be paid when this agreement is signed. The monthly rental period will then automatically begin if you do not return the instrument and accessories in standard condition, which is described below, at the end of the Trial Period.

Monthly Rental Period

During the monthly rental period, which is the period that the payments shown on the front are to be paid, you agree to pay the monthly payment shown on the front, plus S&m. If you do not make a monthly rental payment within fifteen (15) days of when it is due, we can terminate this rental. We can Also terminate this rental if you move and do not provide us with a new address or if you child changes schools. If we do terminate this rental you must return the instrument and any accessories immediately in Standard condition and we can take possession of them wherever we find them, at school or elsewhere

Service and Maintenance

Insturment Service and Maintenance includes all mechanical adjustments, pad-springs-cork-felt-replacement, dent removal in bells and moveable slides. Resoldering or gluing of loose braces, joints. All coverage applies during period of this agreement provided payments are current. 

Standard Condition

Standard condition means that the insturment is in typical condition for its period of use by a beginning student when maintained by us as promised in our SErvice and Maintenance plan and without visible damage from causes not subject to repair under the service and Maintenace plan

Early Return Right

You can terminate this rental at any time during the rental period, if all of your monthly payments are current. If you do, we will retain all payments made to the date of return and you will have no more obligations after you return the instrument in standard condition.

Surcurity Agreement

Rentaled instruments remain the probert of Loser's Music Inc. and are not affected by bankruptcy regulations. A security interest is granted to Loser's Music inc

Late Charges

To pay monthly late charges as specified in the coupon payment book in the event any payment has not been received on or before each due date. 

Risk of Loss

You agree that you will have all risk of loss for the instrument and the accessories once we deliver it to your child's music instructor and until it is returned in standard condition


On any account 90 days or more past due, lessee is llable for the entire value of the instrument, including all reasonable legal fees and cost for collection and damage to the instrument 

Any Holder of this consumer credit contract is subject to all claims and defenses which the debtor could assert against the lessor. Recovery hereunder shall not exceed the amounts paid by the debtor hereunder.